About Us

Who We Are

The Mass Collaborative is a voluntary, open organization of more than 35 payers, providers, and trade associations dedicated to reducing complex and cumbersome health care administrative processes in Massachusetts. The Collaborative—formerly called the Mass Healthcare Administrative Simplification Collaborative—was developed in 2009 to address the most pressing administrative issues in the Massachusetts health care industry.

Our Mission

The Mass Collaborative's mission is to simplify and improve health care administration by increasing transactional efficiency, eliminating waste, and promoting standardization across the industry.


The Mass Collaborative is governed by an Executive Steering Committee comprised of the following members:

Denny Brennan

Executive Director, Massachusetts Health Data Consortium

Lois Dehls Cornell

Executive Vice President, Massachusetts Medical Society

Richard Lynch

Chief Operating Officer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Lora M. Pellegrini, Esq.

President and CEO, Massachusetts Association of Health Plans (MAHP)

Steven Walsh

President and Chief Executive Officer, Massachusetts Health & Hospital Association

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Mass Collaborative Governance Structure

The following roles support coordinated project management and oversight of the Mass Collaborative, and facilitate workgroup progress on targeted initiatives.

Steering Committee

MHDC Denny Brennan

MAHP Lora Pellegrini

MHA Steven Walsh

MMS Exec. VP Lois Dehls Cornell

BCBSMA Richard Lynch

Steering Committee, comprised of senior leaders from each associated entity, provides strategic direction and leadership to the team, assigns resources to the working group, and makes decisions to resolve any key issues.

Strategy & Operations Team performs the overall work effort, leveraging resources and subject matter experts from the outside as needed; different members of the working group may be assigned to the subgroups, depending on their organization and area of focus.

Subject Matter Experts provide ad-hoc expertise and feedback to the working group. For example, a working group member may wish to use resources from his/her organization to perform an analysis that is required to complete the work effort.

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Massachusetts Administrative Simplification History & Milestones


2005 – 2008

• Healthcare Administrative Solutions formed to focus on credentialing

2008 – 2009

• Employers Action
Coalition on Healthcare (EACH) formed

• MHA, MMS, and MAHP combine efforts to target simplification

2010 – 2011

& MAHP create Mass Collaborative

• Request for Claim Review Form developed

• Provider credentialing improvements

2011 – 2012

• Standardized eligibility alpha name search implemented across plans

• Integrated Massachusetts Application for Initial Credentialing/ Appointment Form (IMA)

2013 – 2015

Mass Collaborative
shifts efforts to:

• Improve payer/provider communication

• Meet all regulatory